Tuesday, March 13, 2007

feelin hot , hot , hot !!!!

Ok it is SOOOOOOOOOOOO hot here in sandiego C.A . isnt it still snowing in some places . the high today was 89f , HOT !!! but thats nutin compaired to sunday , 98 f . uhh , sometime this week or next week i am suposto get my "hair cut", so a "booboo bair" like me doesnt get a heat stroke like last year (heat stroke; last year in july i was hikeing with my hoomanin in rice canyon and it was 101 f . here i am walkin along with my 4 inch thick coat (fur) in the middle of the summer , in the sun , with the temp. a roasty 101 f outside . out of no where a huge burst of puke came spewing out of my mouth . when i was done "erupting" my hooman checked if my tounge to see if it was black, it was not only black put starting to turn purple . my hooman picked me up ran back to the maggiemobile (holding 67 pound me) and drove (speeding) me to the vet where i got 3 I.V. drips) so anyhoo its only suposto get HOTTER , to hot for an airedailan like mwa . love a hot airdale in hot heat(the first hot has nutin to do with the heat) maggie #2
P.S ; sorry for no pictures lately , apperntly the camra is broken and my hooman is to busy (witch means to lazy)to fix it . ill try to get my hooman off her butt to fix it


Bogart said...

Whoa Maggie, that sounds like it was SERIOUS!!! Us big dogs gotta be careful in all of this SoCal heat...

I'm learning from my cats, when it gets this hot JUST SLEEP. :)


Maggie said...

Wow Maggie,
Heat stroke is scary stuff! I'm glad your excess fur is coming off! In another week or so, mine will too!

Love ya lots,

Oscar Airedale said...

I still need my fur in chilly old England. Today it is super foggy, me & mum couldn't see ahead of us on my morning walkies!

Oscar x

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