Sunday, March 11, 2007

carrot cake kong

as you probably dont know im a carrot addict, when it comes to carrots i get all freaky . if i eaven hear the word carrot i get all crazzzzzzzzzzy. I LOVE CARROTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. CARROTS are mans only great invention (except for the couch) . so anyhoo about the carrot kong , you need a kong (duh) , a can of nutro helthy desserts carrot cake ( petco 85 cents each) , oatmeal, .5 cup of penut butter , babby carrot, bowl and a spoon
step 1; open can of carrot cake
step 2; mix with milk and stir till liquifed and microwave for 45 seconds
step 3;while in microwave fill in small hole of the cong with penut butter
step 4;when mixture is done cooking ad about i scoope (like a forth of a cup) of oatmeal and mix
step 5;pour in kong (caution:verry messy)
step 6;stuff baby carrot in kong
step 7;fill in big hole with penut butter
step 8;put kong in cup (make sure bottem of kong is not touching bottom of cup
step 9;freeze for 2 hours
step 10; enjoy (eat outside its verrrrrrry messy)


Maggie said...

Boy does this sound yummy! I've gotta make sure mom sees this recipe! Thanks for sharing it Maggie!

Love ya lots,
The other Maggie

Oscar Airedale said...

OK, that sounds so good. Not sure we can get all those ingredients in England though, grr

Oscar x

Masud Khan said...

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