Monday, January 21, 2008

Hi Everydog


Okay, lets be honest. I feel like crap.

Mom, Stop!!!!

Besides feeling like crap i am okay.

I have to take like 5 diff rent kinds so meds, and get my "cast" off next week. thanks for all the nice comments!!! I'm gunna try to read all of them tonight!! I promise ill blog tomorrow!!!


Saturday, January 19, 2008


Hay, I'm home!!!!!!
sorry i haven't been able to blog, blogger has been giving me a bunch of crap, saying that that i entered the wrong password. well anyway, its late, I'm tired so ill post in the morning!! I just wanted to let you know I'm home and everything is fine. ill post pictures tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thats Our Maggie

After waiting all day i finally got a phone call. Maggie is doing fine!! I cant pick her up yet though, the doctor has to work on her paw. The doctor also said that Maggie refuses to go into her cage and stays on a pad right outside of it. He also said Maggie is a big grump unless you give her meds and she will be nice only to the nurse that gives them to her. That's my little Maggie all right. Maggie is apparently being a twerp and not peeing when they tell her to, and even peed in one of he nurses work stations. i am going to pick Maggie tomorrow afternoon. So don't worry, with her attitude she has to be fine. Thank you all for the support and good wishes
~Maggie's Mom

Monday, January 14, 2008


********If you don't know what happened to Maggie read this .
I have good news, and bad news. Despite Maggie's broken leg and paw she is walking. every hour one of the nurses takes her on a walk around the facility. When i went to visit her she was on one of her walks. When she saw me she tried to jump up but her couldn't because her leg. she was so sweet and i couldn't hold back the tears. I went in to her "room" and plaid tug with her and then she fell back to sleep. So anyway the bad news. She is having trouble breathing because of her collapsed lung so they nurses have to monitor that. What i worry about the most is that she will have hip problems when she is older, i know i should take it one step at a time but cant help it.... If she stays how she is now she will be able to come home tomorrow. Everything is just so sad. I feel very guilty today, and keep seeing her get hit again and again in my head.Thanks for all the support everyone, ill either update again tonight or tomorrow morning.
Maggie's Mom

From Maggies Mom.

Hi everyone, Maggies Mom here,
The Vet thinks Maggie has a has a little bit of internal bleeding, and a bruised or partially collapsed lung. Both will heal on there own and even though it sounds bad it isn't very serious. Maggie is expected to be well enough tomorrow to come home. I'm going to go visit her in a little while
One of my New years resolutions was to work with Maggie on her "not coming when called" issue. I should have taught her to come when i first got her. So anyway, the bad news....
Last night when i came home from the grocery store Maggie got out. i live off a pretty busy street and Maggie ran out in the middle of the street and got hit by a car going about 40. The jerk didn't even stop, much less slow down. The good news it that she got hit around the pelvic area and the vet thinks she broke her right femur. Her paw got smashed by the tire. She is very lucky that she didn't break her spine. i tried to pick her up but she insisted on walking to the car, that's good news. When we got to the Vet they hooked her up on fluids and gave her some pain meds. I gust got home and that's about all i know now. The vet is going to call every hour, so ill update you on anything i know.
Please pray for her.
Maggie's Mom

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Christmas & New Year Resolutions !!!!!!

HAPPPPPPY 2008!!!!

First note: I am SOOOOOO sorry, but i don't have any pix of the snow and stuff from my trip to Arizona. When my stoopid mom went to Costco to get the picks printed she accidentally deleted everything on the memory card when she was importing pictures on Costco's Coompoopers. Even though it is my moms fault i am so sorrrrrrrry.

So anyhoo, i couldn't sleep on Christmas eve cause i was soooooooooooo excited to see what SP had brought me. Come on you FREAK.

Finally at 5:30 AM i couldn't take it anymore. i jumped up and barked in moms ear to wake her up, ripped the sheets off the bed and ran downstairs.
Sorry its sideways.....

Mom Realised the camera was in the car, so she said MMMMAAAAAAAGGGIIIIEEEE SSSSTTTTAAAAAAAAAAYYYY OR ILL EAT YOU!!!!!!! As i am an Airedale i sat there in tell mom was out of the living room and darted toward the stocking. This is what it looked like when mom came back....

Sinse it was Christmas mom said quote:" Ooh fine since it is Christmas i will only beat you, not eat you":unquote......

Loot Checklist

4 Squeeky Christmas balls

1 Super huge tire rope thing

2 rawhide's

1 kong

1 plush toy that i killed in a few seconds

1 new Cuz


Now for prezzies from the mom.......

Moms Camera died so that was all she got.......

Loot from mom

1 BIG tennis ball

Some Kookies, and bones

a new mascot collar that broke

A jog in my fave park

Special Christmas dinner and breaky

1 trip to Arizona to see the Snow.

So overall loot wise, i think i did pretty good.



  1. Blog A LOT more.
  2. Loose 10 lbs. OK i give up... i am getting a tad bit chunky
  3. ***AHEM Not coming when called
  4. Be nicer to mom
  5. Play nicer at the dog park
  6. Stop eating Pips food all the time
  7. Donate at least 10 dollars of my allowance per month to local animal shelters
  8. Try to be a better Doggie Citizen

OK mom has to go somewhere like right now, so ill post again tmro... see ya!!!

LOVE Magzz

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Now i know i would have a semi-long post today, but my stoopid mom took all the Christmas postures WITH OUGHT the memory card!!!!! I am getting up at the but crack of dawn tmro, and driving (with mom) to Greer Arizona (The place where my mom spent half her childhood). We will be gone for a week. I PROMISE i will find a way to share my Christmas with all you guys, and make mom get her laptop fixed so she can make LATE Christmas/New year cards. Better late than never i guess. I'm sorry i that i have not been a good blogger, it has been a hectic few months for me and my mom. My 1st new years resolution is to post a lot more, and read blogs more. I hope you had a verrrrrrrrrrry good Christmas.

Monday, December 24, 2007

KOOKIES/FLAKES for SantyPaws/Fins

Disclaimer; All photos where shot in my studio/moms office due to the fact that my mom is stoopid and tried to make a fire in the fireplace with soaking wet logs, and it is verry smoky downstairs.....

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

Its still Christmas eve here, but to you Singadogs/Mayladogs/Aussiedogs it is probablly all ready Christmas!!! Tonights special will be all about Christmas kookies/Flakes for Santy-Paws/fins. Look, even Pip is leaving out flakes for Santa-Fins!!!!!

Look at Pips new Super Duper HUGE 16 gallon aquarium from Yours Truely (MotherTeresa: ME)

Isn't That funny, mom thinks she is so special and nice and everything....
Lookie here, my Kookies for Santy-paws!!!!

Mom, Can i ha(Mom: Gggrrrrr No there all for me!!!!!!

Holly crap, what the Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep was that.


Ooh Maggie, is that crumbs i see?

You Bitch!!! now I'm, i mean Santa isn't gunna have any Cookies!!!!

PLZ don't kill me!!!

See Santa, i love you!!

(Pipsqueek; MEEEE TOOOOO)


Ps Here ya go Maggie#1, the pic of Sunshade!!


"When it comes to dog training, there's no place like home, and especially good venue for a session is in your own hallway. The lont and narrow shape of a hallway allowes few distractions and encourages your dog to focus on you. It's a terrific place to practice a number of behavioes, and even basic retreving."

Sorry my mom doesn't have a photo scanner;(

Love, Magzz

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holy poop

Wow, that was a short first part of December! I am pretty much behind a year that has to do with my blog. I'm sorry i haven't emailed my Christmas cards, but moms laptop that has all the fancy card stuff is having major issues lately, so if it comes down to it i might just have to send a boring old email, sorry but if passable i will make a good new years card!!!!
Mom has been SO busy with stuff. it isn't funny. i promise i will post a super duper long fin post tomorrow and on Christmas, OK. Ooooh yeah, Sunshade is a calendar girl!!! She is on Friday March 14 in the 2008 365 days of dog calendar, isn't that cool!!! Mom entered me in the calendar contest so on the slightest smallest chance i might win!!! well i gtg now sorry but i swear to DOG ill post a super duper good post, k?

Monday, December 3, 2007

My Christmas List

Dear SantaPaws,

I think i have been a good girl this year, so i want all that hard work to be payed off. Ya know Santa, I'm a Airedale, and its hard for a Airedale to be good. I promise that i wont eat another Christmas, ornament or push mom into the pool with phones/camera, or eat any more of moms Cd's. Oh, and ill try to work on the *not* coming when called. So anyhoo, the mane reason i wasted my time writing this letter, the list.
  1. New Wubba (i ate mine).
  2. New Jolly Ball (ate it).
  3. New Kong (ate it).
  4. New Cuz (ate him).
  5. Life time supply of biscuits.
  6. Life time supply of nylabones.
  7. Thumbs (so i can open the fridge/pantry/front door/back door without mom).

And now for the less important minor stuff.

  1. All the animals in this world to have homes.
  2. Stop animal abuse.
  3. Help humane society.
  4. For people to stop hunting tigers blah blah blah.
  5. For everything to be fine so i don't have to do that next year.....................

So SantaPaws, if you don't get me Everything i want im gunna scare your stupid reindeer away so you have to walk back the north pole.

Your Fave Airedale


PS. Pipsqueek is gunna do her list, so make sure to go to her blog NOW!! (NOW is the link)

where are you ?