Thursday, April 12, 2007

moms trip last summer

Hi ya all , twice a year my mom goes on a trip with a few of her friends from collage , Cancun was one of the 2 . next summer mom is going to Europe with the same friends , and last year was a cruise in Alaska

so anyhoo , mom found her old camera today and realised it was full of pictures from last year , i know, any normal hooman would of gotten them developed already, but my mom is not a normal hooman , she is a super lazy freak . i mean her suitcase and carry on from Cancun are still sitting on the floor , unpacked ...

so here is the story of her trip

the story starts out in Seattle Washington . mom got on the sun princess cruise ship early in the morning . that picture above is from her stateroom balcony . then in the evening the ship departs to ketchacan Alaska .

that's downtown ketchacan from moms balcony . mom said there here a bunch of balto dogs there , now theres a real man/doggie for ya

moms cruise ship from downtown

this is by-far the bootisolist picture mom had ever tooken that is not of me . it was at a bald eagle habitat . and no its not a fake bird .

a glacier from a little channel like place

look at that puny iceberg

same iceberg : not so puny huh (o btw that's not my moms ship , its the star princess , the sister ship of the sun princess)

that's a big glacier in Jeno AK .

OK so that wasn't exactly a story , it was basically all the good pics my mom has..... mom also went to skagway , Victoria Canada , and Vancouver Canada .

love Maggie #2


Fu Fu said...

Hey Maggie, oh the pictures look very nice. My humans wish to go for the Alaska cruise someday too. :)

~ fufu

Oscar Airedale said...

That's a nice big boat! I like the photos.

Oscar x

Maggie said...

Awesome pictures Maggie! Mom says she'd love to go to Alaska one day! Me too - in July or August when it's super hot here!

Love ya lots,

Jackson said...

Looks like she had a fun trip. J x

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Maggie,
We just found your blog. We didn't know there was another Maggie Airedale? hehehehe! Love the pictures from your Mama's trip, very bootiful. We'll keep checking in to catch your blog.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Sophie Brador said...

Yeah Canada!!!! Your mom was almost at my house. Well, about 5,000 klicks away, since we're due north of NYC, but same country anyway.

where are you ?