Sunday, April 22, 2007

just another day with that crazy woman ....

hi ya all ,
today was kinda sort of boring , although am happy to report there was no shooting at SDSU . for the last few days mom & some guy from her job (i think there's a little sumsum goin on ...)(mom: umm yah right !!!!!!!!!!!!!) have ben working on a grass pit for mwaself in the back yard . as you probably know there is no grass in my back yard (hahahahahaha that sounds kinda funny;) and an airegirl like me needs a lil grass cuz my butt has a mind of its own ,ya know what I'm talkin about right ?
so anyhoo , today mom woke up at a bright and early 12:35 am , i Had my usual breakfast of a raw eggie , slice of ham and a cup of rice crispies with milk , yumyum , it was soooo yummylicious (probably cuz i was about to starve to death as it was 12:50 am) after that we hopped in the maggiemobile (witch i now haft to wair a seat belt in) and drove off to home depot to buy grass seed for my grass hole(why do i love saying that ?)mom played stupid helpless flirt with the ugly checkout guy to get a discount (mom: well it works .....) on grass seed , who needs a discount for grass seed , mean its like 2.50 for like a billion pounds . geez what a cheapskate ....
after that mom&me drove to PETSMART !!!!!! i ran and pulled my way in and headed for the toy isle , but nooo mom said we where only here for food . DAMIT !!!!! as we where about to check out mom saw a DVD for dogs to intertain us while our hoomans abandon us (this DVD will come in handy alot for me ...)after petco mom took me to the park / 2 mile running trail to go for a quick jog YYEEEEEEESSSSS , i love jogging !!!! there is a little meadow with a pond and an off leash park at the half way point where people who are running rest and stretch and all that boring stuff . while mom was resting i decided it would be a good idea to go for a quick dip in pond and then role in dirt/goosie poo/dog poo/someones spit/week old ham sandwich then reality kicked in . mom started screaming at me , i realized i now need a bath and a 3 hour grooming session at petco . mom got mt leash hooked it to my (before) pink (now brown and black) collar and ran the last mile to the MAGGIEmobile . mom drove me to petco (mom:shelled out another 150 dollars for a deluxe bath and grooming session , ooh and btw did i mention she got the same treatment 4 days ago !!??) 4 hours later mom rescurd fluffy bootisol clean fresh fragrant me and took me home . ooh yeah i have 2 very funny storeys to tell you . at a stoplight on the way home from petco a Ferrari pulled up next to us . mom was like ok , cool car and then went back to giving the red stoplight the evil eye . when the stoplight turned green the Ferrari peeled out turned Right and swerves ( front facing sidewalk ) and "corrected" its self and drove on doin like 90 mph . at the next red stoplight mom&me pulled up next to it expecting to see a hot young rich guy but instead it was like a 90 year old old lady !!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! ok this next story happened like 30 minutes after we got home of mom living up to her blond nature . mom has technical retardation . i tell ya when it comes to electronics moms just soooo stupid . i wanted to watch the new DVD and eat some pup corn . mom got the pup corn from the pantry and put the DVD in the DVD thing , then she turned the TV on , hit input and pressed play . no movie . 3 more minute's , no movie !!!! so mom called the the guy who lives next door to come help her .... when he finally got here he looked at the DVD thing and said , "umm its not on" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
maggie #2
ooh btw , does anyone know how long it takes to get approved for the bone zone at DWB ??


Oscar Airedale said...

2 baths in 4 days? poor, poor Maggie!

Oscar x

Maggie said...

We were rolling on the floor to think that it was a grandma doing 90 mph!!! hahahaha

Love ya lots,

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Maggie, Sorry you had to get the sweet smelling poo washed off with that icky dog soap. xxx Asta

Jackson said...

That must be some sort of world record for baths! Poor you, how annoying to have all those lovely smells washed off. J x

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