Wednesday, March 14, 2007

no, its better than bones

today at petco my hooman also got me bones called better than bones , and leme tell ya THEY ARE !!!!!!!!! the only bad thing is they only last about 5 sec(for me that is :) the bag specificaly says , "each chewy bone last longer than soft and chewy treat, and doggies will love it . YAH RIGHT !! well at least they got one thing right , there yummmmy !!!!!!!!

luv ya all , maggie #2


The Airechicks said...


That's not a very big bag...Hope your Mum got two...

Treats....never last as long as they should....Everlasting treat -
we're waiting and waiting for it to come to a PETCO or PETSMART near us....

maggie said...

yah at least they were free

Oscar Airedale said...

Yeah, I think a treat that an Airedale takes more than a few minutes to eat would be a big seller!

Oscar x

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