Saturday, March 17, 2007


HAPPPPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY !!!!!! My mom is technically 35% Irish so i guess I'm kinda Irish too . this morning when i went outside to go potty there was a shamrock in MY grass , yeah MY grass . mom said if i eat it i will have bad luck , yup you guessed it , i ate it . well how can you blame me , it was in MY grass in MY yard , so far i haven't had any bad luck . after my shamrock incident mom made me my fave breakybreaky , eggs . she made me play outside till she was done cocooking MY eggs , Finlay she let me in . i went running into the living room , throng the hall , and into the kitchen and to the plate . i stoped

THEY ARE GREEN omg they are green , WHY ARE THEY GREEN!!!!! apparently mum put food coloring in e'm for st Patty's day

they were SOOOOOO YUMMMMY!!!! after my yummmmmmy breaky it was time to go get my haircut , so we drove the MAGGIEmobile to petco , yes MY maggieMOBILE, its a cool brand new 2007 Nissan Mariano SE awd(i don't know what that means but it sounds cool) . we got it a month ago , and it has cool chrome wheels that i can see myself in . i sit in the co pilot seat next to mom while she drives . so anyhoo when i got to petco i saw this

BIG BIG BIG dog , he was HUGE , like twice the size of me (oh btw, when i got to petco mom put me on the scale and im a whole 63.9 lbs , tell that to the little puny Yorkie next door to me) then this evil fat ugly women/man (cant tell) took me away from MY mommy , @$%!!&* ^*%&$* grrrrrrrr , oh yah did i meson the lady was butt ugly, then mom left me with the women/man and left . Finlay after 4 hours of pain and homesickness mom rescued me and took me home , now i am bootiful (not that i wasn't) , smell good , and am clean . so now here i am enjoying a nice massage (by moms feet) and about to eat din-din . bye

luv ya all , maggie #2


Bogart said...

Maggie, you look all fresh and fluffed! I've heard the humans talking bath again, so I have a feeling tomorrow I'm gonna get dragged into the shower with mom...


Faya said...

Oh but Maggie ? You are beautiful... and what can I see ? You can go on the bed ? I can't.... no access to the sleeping rooms....
Kiss, Faya

Maggie said...

Green eggs! That's pretty clever of your mom tryin' to throw you off the track! hehehehe

The grooming topic is being discussed at my house too!

Love ya lots,

Oscar Airedale said...

You look so pretty after your groom (not that you weren't before!)

The green eggs look a bit freaky. Glad they tasted OK.

Oscar x

where are you ?